Virginia Voluntary Disclosure Agreement

Following prior approval and inclusion of the ICR in the Voluntary Disclosure Program, the taxpayer must file all required voluntary disclosure documents using an updated Form 14457. The taxpayer`s disclosure is then reviewed by the IRS as part of the IRS`s standard audit procedures. Virginia Department of Taxation Voluntary Disclosure Program P. O. Box 5640 Richmond, VA 23220 or call: 804.225.3560 E-Mail-tax-voluntarydisclosure@tax.virginia.gov The new Voluntary Disclosure Program guidelines also provide a right to an administrative complaint if no agreement can be reached during the review. While this provision may seem advantageous to taxpayers at first glance, it may not be the case. During a public debate on the new guidelines, the IRS indicated that when a taxable person requests a review by the Appeals Office, examiners can invoke the penalty of civil fraud for all the years at issue, even if the disagreement is not frivolous, is made in good faith and, moreover, the taxpayer has been fully cooperative. The offer may be submitted by a representative of a third party and the taxpayer may remain anonymous during the negotiation of the terms. We evaluate each offer and, if ready to proceed, the taxpayer is asked to declare and pay their outstanding tax within 30 days. A self-report case begins when a signed agreement and a Nexus questionnaire have been received by the division. Offers may be made by representatives of third parties. Voluntary disclosure of periods of less than 36 months (3 years) is not entitled to a limited retrospective period; Any offer is, however, considered for the waiver of the sentence. All returns and payments are due within 30 days of the approval of the agreement by the department.

If returns are not sent by the date indicated, the reduction of the sentence is cancelled. A liability person interested in a disclosure agreement should consult with the Office of the Voluntary Disclosure Program before sending returns or payments for the outstanding tax, as advance measures may disqualify a taxpayer from the program. Amnesty`s details: The Commissioner for Taxation has the right to issue directives for the programme and these directives are excluded from the Administrative Procedures Act. Taxpayers who are investigated or prosecuted for fraudulent reporting or for non-publication of a tax evasion report are not allowed to participate in the amnesty program. In addition, taxpayers cannot participate in the amnesty program if the date of taxation or non-submission of a tax return is less than 90 days before the first day of the amnesty program. Eligible taxpayers who have a balance after the end of the amnesty program are subject to a 20% penalty on unpunished taxes, in addition to other applicable penalties….