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Issuance of certified true copies General Assembly Resolution 73/210 of 20 December 2018 – Amended provisions for the application of Article 102 of the Charter The Convention was adopted in Geneva on 22 February 2019, at its four and first session of the Inland Transport Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, from 19 to 22 February 2019. Under article 21, the Convention, at United Nations Headquarters in New York, is for signature by all States and regional economic integration organizations. At its sixty-third session and following the debate in the Sixth Committee on the agenda item on strengthening and promoting the International Framework for the Treaty, the General Assembly adopted, on 20 December 2018, resolution 73/210, which was annexed to the new amended regulations. This fourth amendment, adopted on the 1st The regulations adapt to changes in registration practices and information technologies and ensure the consistency of the contractual practices of the international community. For more information on this recent change and its impact on the treaty registration and publication process, please see the following document: LA 41 TR/230/Regulations/2019 The Secretary-General of the United Nations is depositary of more than 560 multilateral treaties covering a wide range of issues such as human rights, disarmament and environmental protection. United Nations Convention on International Instruments of Comparison of Mediation With the deposit, on 22 November 2020, of the fifth instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession, this will enter into force on 19 November 2020. Framework Agreement on The Facilitation of Paperless Cross-Border Trade in Asia and the Pacific Ocean, adopted in Bangkok on 20 February 2016, entered into force on 20 February 2021. in accordance with Article 19(1). . .