Trademark License Agreement Template India

It is important to know how a trademark license agreement can be terminated by the licensor. It may contain reasons of the following type. Let`s understand the purpose of this document by an example: If ABC Industries wants to manufacture a simple mechanical component that will be useful for a given machine, but sir. M has already obtained the trademark license for this particular mechanical component. In this case, ABC Industries must obtain a license agreement with Mr. . M and to enter into an agreement stipulating that ABC Industries has only the rights to manufacture the mechanical component in question for a customer in question and only in certain figures. A license agreement between a trademark holder and a manufacturer is an official document indicating that the manufacturer of a product is authorized to manufacture the product by the company or person who protected it with the trademark. However, the trademark owner may choose the terms of the license of this Agreement. How the contract is terminated by the licensor should be described in detail. This includes the method of termination and the number of days that should stop between termination and termination.

As soon as the termination takes place, the customer should be required to cease the use of the mark in all its forms. There can be a number of ways to make the payment for the license of a trademark. This includes explaining the facts concerning the exact quality of the products to be maintained by the licensee. This information is determined by the holder. The customer may also be made available at the request of the holder to provide samples of goods, packaging, etc. Details such as applicable law, jurisdiction, salvatorial clause and other legal requirements of an agreement may be added to the agreement. Ownership of the trademark belongs exclusively to the registered owner. It should be clarified that at no time is the contract in force or otherwise, the lessee may claim ownership of the trademark. A trademark license agreement should contain the following points: Now let`s look at the details contained in this agreement: the granting of the license must be described in detail. It includes the type of license to use the trademark, which must be non-transferable. All points relating to the granting of the license should be noted here.

The full description of the brand is made here. Every detail of the combination of colors, words, shapes, symbols, labels, packaging or other representations must be documented. This is important to get protection. Trademarks are intellectual property that, like any other property, may be owned and granted. The goodwill and reputation of a given brand make it a fortune. Sometimes, owners find it lucrative to grant the rights of use in return for royalties to other distributors, provided that they can exercise control over the goods and services that use the trademark. The control carried out by a registered holder is also a legal requirement, the absence of which can lead to a dilution of the specificity of the trademark and customers are also deceived by low-quality goods.. . . .